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The sister-founder duo


Devina Coutinho


Having worked at Adobe Systems as a Sr. UX Designer on Dreamweaver, a developer tool, Devina understands the depths of how WYSIWYG works. With over a decade of experience, she has developed a keen interest in FinTech & has serviced crème de la crème companies from the industry - Razorpay, Instarem, First Abu Dhabi bank, etc. Her masters from IDC, IIT Bombay, prepared her for a robust career in the digital space.

Althea Coutinho


Althea understands the DNA of startups and has mastered the art of delivering projects within tight deadlines. With 8+ years of professional experience in the digital & design space, she has worked with profound startups - Acko, Paytm, Coverfox, Craftsvilla, & more. During the course of servicing companies like Tegro, Cropbytes & SuperGaming, she developed a keen interest in Web3 & gaming that will set the next paradigm shift in the gaming industry.

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